Wasteland Of Opportunity

from by Absence öf Youth



Punch in on the clock and tick your precious life away
Slaving over nothing while you grind your bones to dust
Work for the machine that steals away your days
Blood left on the table to contribute to the rust

Eating at your livelihood and carving out your soul
Morning into night, all the fucking same
Kept under their thumbs, no hope to reach your goals
Another lifeless pawn in their corporate fucking game

The bottom of the chain is where it all gets done
The suits they don’t forget it and they keep you all in line
You strive to climb the ladder but that battles never won
Eat away your hopes and dreams so they can save a dime

They look at you like meat, a piece of human trash
Thumb their nose at you because they think you aren't worth shit
Empty fucking promises and hopes that never last
Laughing to the bank while you suffer in your pit

Living a life of mediocrity
Seeing through their lies and their own hypocrisy
Drowning in a trapped majority
No chance of moving out of your hopeless dead-end street

Wallowing in mediocrity
Seeing through their lies and their own hypocrisy
In a wasteland of opportunity


from Volume One: The Seventh Circle, released October 23, 2012



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Absence öf Youth Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana geezer crust.

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