Volume One: The Seventh Circle

by Absence öf Youth

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released October 23, 2012

Front cover art and logo by Cavewizard.

Tracks 11 & 12 cowritten with Danny Louviere.

Spoken word intro on track 09 taken from "American Holocaust Of The Native American Indians," a documentary by Joanelle Romero.

All tracks recorded in the summer of 2012.



all rights reserved


Absence öf Youth Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana geezer crust.

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Track Name: Apocalypse
Lifting death’s black veil
For all the world to see
End the age in fire
And destroy humanity

Will the next war be the last…
Who the fuck-all will be left?
Eschaton be damned
We’ll all be greeting death

No use for your repentance
Your gods are not to blame
We’ve done it to ourselves
Now welcome to the flames
Track Name: Inject/Infect
Is there no end to your mindless greed?
Consumption taking its raging toll
Draining her blood for all you need
Mother Earth herself will haunt your soul

Inject the earth, infect the earth.

Poison your host to fuel your life
And start your wars and drive your economy
Rape the planet for all it’s worth
For the land itself, YOU are the enemy

Inject the earth, infect the earth.

The mighty dollar is all you see
Mainline acids to get your fix
No excuse for poisoned minds
Same old lies and politricks

Inject the earth, infect the earth.
Track Name: Bottle Of Oblivion
Drowning in the madness
From the world outside my door
No wonder I’m so wasted
And passed out on the floor

Bottle of oblivion… escape!

Too much at times to handle
The world I see today
I can only escape reality
And drink my life away

Bottle of oblivion… escape!

I’m tired of running helpless
In a fucked society
I drink to dull my vision
To forget all that I see

Bottle of oblivion… escape!
Track Name: Virtue Of The Vicious
Brainwashed to trust
In pointless divisions
And stereotypes
That inflame derision
Pathetic excuses
For invisible walls
And for millions of sheeple
Who answer the call
To pledge an allegiance
Without a clue
Of an empire’s end
That’s long overdue
Cheering a flag
You know little about
With nothing constructive
To back up your shouts

Virtue of the vicious
They point fingers at you
If you think any different

Last refuge of the scoundrels
Last refuge of the sons of bitches
Last refuge of the scoundrels
Last refuge of the sons of bitches
Track Name: (We Are) Legion
Crippled and broken, licking the wounds
Suffocating progress etched in the dirt
Vengeance and fate all in due time
Ritual abuse, death and rebirth


Sunlight on scars, a new day will dawn
Lying in wait for the settling of dust
Starting anew on the remains of the old
Rising above from the kingdom of rust

A crumbling failure, the empire is dead…

Nature’s revenge, take back what’s ours
Splintering the plain with a new found thirst
Skyward once more, heirs to the filth
One then many, a legion unearthed

A crumbling failure, the empire is dead…
Track Name: Lines
Like sheep led to slaughter without a clue
Born into madness, what can you do

Take your place in hell, move on down the line…

Forced into labor and you don’t know why
Born into madness, submit or die

Take your place in hell, move on down the line…

Where is your future, straight to your grave
Born into madness, exist enslaved

Take your place in hell, move on down the line…
Track Name: Proud Display Of Ignorance
Selfish insecurities
Perpetuate your mind’s disease
Proud display of ignorance
Victim of your arrogance

Homophobic asshole
Racist scum
Sexist pig
Just another one of the fascist, ignorant clones

How’d you foster all this hate?
Why’d you let it rule your fate?
Look at what your hate incites
No respect for human rights

Homophobic asshole
Racist scum
Sexist pig
Just another one of the fascist, ignorant clones
Track Name: Three Witches
Track Name: American Ethnic Cleansing
Once proud and free autonomous nations
Left to exposure, disease, and starvation
Herded like cattle, part of the plan
All this for nothing but more stolen lands
Concentration camps, huddled in fear
Nowhere else to go – but we can’t stay here

American Ethnic Cleansing

Exiled at gunpoint, forced to walk the trail
Militia ready to mow them down, a mad living hell
Goods left to rot and homes left to burn
To leave it all behind and never return
Never-ending path, a thousand miles of death
March under orders, moving on with nothing left

American Ethnic Cleansing
Track Name: Wasteland Of Opportunity
Punch in on the clock and tick your precious life away
Slaving over nothing while you grind your bones to dust
Work for the machine that steals away your days
Blood left on the table to contribute to the rust

Eating at your livelihood and carving out your soul
Morning into night, all the fucking same
Kept under their thumbs, no hope to reach your goals
Another lifeless pawn in their corporate fucking game

The bottom of the chain is where it all gets done
The suits they don’t forget it and they keep you all in line
You strive to climb the ladder but that battles never won
Eat away your hopes and dreams so they can save a dime

They look at you like meat, a piece of human trash
Thumb their nose at you because they think you aren't worth shit
Empty fucking promises and hopes that never last
Laughing to the bank while you suffer in your pit

Living a life of mediocrity
Seeing through their lies and their own hypocrisy
Drowning in a trapped majority
No chance of moving out of your hopeless dead-end street

Wallowing in mediocrity
Seeing through their lies and their own hypocrisy
In a wasteland of opportunity
Track Name: Machine
I’m a machine
Built for suffering
Wage slave
Til the day that I die

I’m a machine
Built for one thing
Made to work
And I don’t know why

Am I man or machine
Am I man or machine
Am I man or machine
Or something in between?

Wasted all my life
Trying to follow your stupid rules
Tired of the arrogance
Of Idiots and fools
Track Name: Summer
Nothing moves
Nothing breaths
Dying planet
Dying trees

Oppressive heat
Crushing breath
Smothering life
Stench of death

Cracks in the earth
Ruptured crust
Flesh turns to ashes
Dust to dust


Waiting for the rain
To wash it all away
Live another day

Night has passed
Rising sun
Endless summer
Life goes on
Track Name: In Vein
Can’t cope – with the world that you’re in so you
Give in – to your demon within and you
Cave in – to the numbness again
And you’re gone…

In pain…

Wake up – welcome the pain of
Reality – things never change in this
Cycle – of numbness and pain and


Withdrawals – icepicks at dawn and you
Can’t shake – hair of the dog and you
Hooked on – the junk that you’re on
Can’t let go…

In vein…
Track Name: Servitude & Sedition
Freedom to fight in an unjust war.
Freedom to abuse and pillage the poor.
Freedom to slave on the labor you’ve hated.
Freedom to suffer what society’s created.

Fuel for the fire

Freedom to blend in and be part of the flock.
Freedom to punch in and out of the clock.
Freedom to swallow the bitter pill of complacency.
Freedom to drink the poison of mediocrity.

Fuel for the fire

Freedom to give in when you’re tired of the fight.
Freedom to limits on all of your rights.
Freedom to turn away from change in the making.
Freedom to blend in to the scene you’re faking.

Fuel for the fire
Track Name: Blind In One Eye
Like a thief in the night
The victim is always you,
The victim can only be you.

Always three steps behind
Aim, steady and true,
Before you know it, you’re through.

All that remains
River of life running cold
Nothing left to behold

From dust to dust
Your fate was always foretold
No future left to unfold

Nothing but a flicker
In the grand scheme of things
Pile on the myths
To counter the sting
Of a worthless existence
With too much misery
To realize the beauty
That’s so hard to see
For the short time we’re here
Must put beliefs aside
To see the natural beauty
Right before our eyes
And love it for all that
It’s worth while we’re here
And not confuse beauty
For reverence and fear